Monday, February 11, 2013

Christmas Eve with MeMe and Pops

Our family meets every Christmas Eve to spend the day together and enjoy Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday. We snack all day while everybody helps cook supper and plays with the kids. I hope my Grandchildren have wonderful memories from our Christmas.....I do!
Courtney found this little Santa Christmas Dress in my closet. Somebody handed it down to me when she was a baby so.....she put it on Lily long enough to get a picture.

Brady beginning the cooking

Josh thinks something is funny while helping the girls make rice krispy Santa treats but.....Abby doesn't look like she thinks it is so funny!

Lawson came running in......after riding on the zip line....and said he was going to get some gloves for his hands. This is what he came up with.....a baby bath mitt and a garden glove!

John Brady and Lawson came up with a routine for getting more rides on the zip line. Each time you get in the harness you get 3 rides. They put a rope on the line so the one not riding could pull the rider back to the landing to start their ride again. Smart boys

Looks like Lily thinks she got caught!

The reason I have a hard time finding pictures of Kim.....she is always behind the lens! So.....I decided to just take a picture of her taking pictures!

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