Monday, February 11, 2013

The Saturday before Christmas

The extended Lawson Family......Granny Lawson's Family meet the Saturday before Christmas every year. We have met at John's brothers house in Priceville for the past two years so we thought they needed a break so John and I volunteered to have it in Berry. I really hate to use the word "extended" family because this is a really close family and it seems more like it should be immediate family!
Lots of pictures.....sorry

Scott King and David Long

Hunter and AJ King

Lily Long and MeMe

Lunch Time

David Lawson with Mollie and Reid Lawson and Bailey

Granny Lawson with Lawson and Lily Long

We were blessed with a gorgeous day and were able to do Santa outside

Notice Santa....aka Brady Lawson.....throwing a gift to AJ.

Meredith Jones helping Lawson

Gracie and Maggie

Lily was happy in cousin Scott's arms

Mollie, JB3 and Aunt Charlotte

Brady, Kim, Emma, Abby and John Brady Lawson

Charlotte Brock with Rusty, Vince and Chad

Audrey, Savannah, Rusty and Lane Brock

Michele,Alex,  Clara Paige, Gracie and Maggie Hicks

Granny and Linda Lowery. Granny got cold and wrapped up in a throw that she got for a Christmas present

Meredith Jones and Josh Lawson

John and Joy

Linda Lowery and Mary Alice Wood

Jane and Bo King. Scott, Dedra, AJ & Hunter King. Alison King

Dave, Courtney, Lawson and Lily Long

David and Linda Lawson. Jared, Mollie, Jamie, Kayla, Cassie, Reid and Maclain Lawson

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