Saturday, July 6, 2013

Family Beach Picture

how to get a family picture in 5 minutes
We always make a family beach picture the 1st whole day we are at the beach. Emma, Abby and John Brady tend to get "raccoon eyes" from wearing goggles, sunglasses and sunscreen, so we try to make our picture early in the trip so they don't have to worry about it! We learned this years ago.....we had some beautiful pictures....I mean I loved the pics but the white circles around their eyes...shined!
So, we get dressed, make a picture and then go out to eat.
This day it had started raining sporadically and we weren't sure what to think except that everybody wanted to go ahead and make the picture. Pops looked at the weather map and saw a 30 minute break  so we decided to hit it. We wanted to make our picture on the rocks close to the bridge crossing over to Perdido. We got there and pulled into the parking lot and the sidewalk that we thought would take us to the rocks was closed off because of some construction. It had poured rain as we were driving there and it had stopped so we seriously needed a place to make the picture....quickly. We turned around in the parking lot and crossed over into another parking lot where the construction was and then we saw it.......a fence overlooking the ocean. We all agreed it would be a new and different background.
We ran out to the fence, got ready and took about 8 snaps before it started raining. You should see the funny ones.....the camera still snapping as we all took off running.
Pops and Brady thought it was great.....making a picture in under 5 minutes!!!!
We try to come up with something different every year so that you can glance at the picture and tell what year it was.
Kim had the idea to use these summer colors and I think it looks great!

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Keri said...

LOVE the family beach picture! Love the bright colors everyone is wearing!