Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ice Cream Night

We accidentally started an ice cream tradition....uniquely our own! We always made homemade ice cream on one night of our beach week. Last year or the year may have been the year that Grandmother died and we went down late......we did not bring the ice cream maker. So, I told the kids we would go to the store and buy whatever kind of ice cream they wanted. We asked the grown ups what kind they wanted and me and the girls took out to buy the ice cream. I let the girls each pick a gallon and we got a couple of more that the adults wanted. Obviously, the kids thought this was soooo great. They ask when we are going to get the ice cream and do not ask for the homemade!
The boys told us they wanted to go this year, also. So we asked what the adults wanted and I took off with 4 of the 5 grand kids. Each child picked their gallon and then we got a few more. Not sure why they get such a kick out of this makes my day!
Love to see those kids happy!

Sometimes kids can have the best fun with the simplest things. Trying to see
 how much they all weigh Publix

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