Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Beach

The Story of the First Tooth
Uncle Brady and Aunt Kim were taking Emma, Abby and John Brady to the "shark" souvenir shop to order some t-shirts. Dave was going to the grocery store so he drove on down with Lawson to go to the souvenir store, also. or at least this is how I think it that I think about it I am not sure who went where how.....but anyway!
Uncle Brady and Aunt Kim walked in and I heard them tell Courtney that Lawson's front tooth was gone.
Lawson had not lost any teeth and Courtney did not know that one was loose!
We think the culprit was the Taffy he got at the souvenir shop. Kim said he just exclaimed to them after the elevator doors closed that his tooth was gone!!!
Can you imagine the look on Brady and Kim's face. Stuck on an elevator and nobody knows where Lawson's first tooth, to come out, is to be found.
Brady, Kim and Dave went on a tooth hunt. No tooth was found.
We suspect that it got caught it that taffy and he swallowed it.
So....a first for our family beach trip. The tooth fairy had to find us.
Now, anybody who has raised boys....know how they are! We over heard Lawson and John Brady discussing how to get his "swallowed" tooth back!

the one and only time Lily got even close to the water

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