Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lawson Family Beach Trip 2013

Day One

The trip down. This is the first trip down without somebody else in the car with us in several years. We had Lawson last year since Lily was a newborn and they would have to stop often to let her nurse. This year Courtney's family drove halfway and spent the night in Greenville because Lily is not a "good traveler".
A little John and I were passing by the Greenville exit signs I sent Court a message and asked if she wanted us to stop by and get Lily. Dave was playing a round of golf at the RTG golf course. She sent a text and said that Lily was asleep so to just go on. Later......she told me that when she told Dave that we had offered to stop by and get Lily that he couldn't believe she passed up the opportunity.....Lily really is a unhappy traveler....Dave told Courtney that he would have put Lily on his hip, jumped the guard rail and met us on the side of the road.....the guys in our family keep me laughing!!!
We always have the "Meme Mobile" packed to the roof and beyond!!!
The beginning of all beach trips.....stopping to get fresh tomatoes at
Burris Farm Market
Step #2 in a beach trip. Stop at Doc's and have lunch

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