Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Month of Grandchildren

Rickwood Caverns
My dear friend, Sue Moon, had her Grandson, Noah, visiting for 2 weeks in July. Noah's daddy, Phillip, and my son, Brady, became best buddies the summer of 1980. They were never far apart.

Sue and I always took little mini trips during summer break with our kids. We visited many places in Alabama and a few in other states.
Phillip Moon & Brady Lawson
Prom - 91 or 92

Noah Moon and John Brady Lawson
While discussing the upcoming visit by Noah we decided if we could coordinate a time with our Grandkids that we would try to take a little day trip.
We decided on Rickwood Caverns.
It didn't work out this trip to have all the kids but we did have Emma, Lily, John Brady and Noah.

The kids loved playing on the rocks in the picnic area.
I love rocks, so.........I had to resist climbing them myself!

Noah got to be the "official tour guide helper".
He carried the flashlight and shined it at the right place

I promise Emma did not carry Lily the whole trip.......even though she would have and Lily
would have loved it.......Emma had to hold Lily for me to take a picture.....Lily won't let anybody else hold her!

SUE......she's going to get me for adding this pic!

This was a great day trip.
The pool that is there looked great and it is fed from the underground lake in the caverns
so the water is 58 degrees.
The young people that are running the park were courteous and helpful.
just beware
Somewhere around 125, maybe more, steps straight up to get out.
Yes, I was so happy that you didn't go down in the cave in an elevator.
you know.......I am claustrophobic....I don't like elevators....
So.....I refuse to complain about those steps
but of course......I was too out of breath to think about complaining.

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