Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fayette Aquatic Center

Grandkids at the Water Park
one tense MeMe
All of my grandkids can swim.....really well! That doesn't make this worry wart MeMe any less tense
at a water park.
Luckily, our church rented the park for the kids and it wasn't near as crowded as usual.
When I have my Grandkids with me I like to have my eyes on them.....always!
You can't do that at a water park. So, I just inwardly panic, smile as they explode off
a slide and let them enjoy themselves.
And......I think they completely enjoyed it!
JB3, Lawson, Abby and Emma

It doesn't matter how many times you say "quit running" it just
doesn't compute in those little minds!

If you have not visited the new "Fayette Aquatic Center" I highly recommend it.
Very clean
the kids love it
I love the way the life guards are in the water at the end of every slide

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