Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More Month of Grandchildren

Sue and I were able to get the grandkids together for one more trip before Noah 
went back home.
We decided to go to Tannehill, have a picnic, and let the kids explore.
Everybody was on this trip except Lily
I love Tannehill. it is so pretty and so close!
The kids wanted to cross the bridge on the outside edge.....much more fun than doing it the correct way.
And yes, this worry wart MeMe let them do it. It really wasn't very high off the ground.

Noah hunting creatures in the water

Off we go


Lawson and John Brady

Emma, Abby, JB3, Noah & Lawson

The boys were having a discussion about the heavy chain

I pretty much begged them to hold hands

a beautiful walk
a long, hot one!

Train ride to cool off

the kids loved seeing this doe as we were heading back to our picnic table

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