Wednesday, April 28, 2010

As Paul Harvey always said


If you read the "A Day" post

You may have said

It looks like they had a great day

Well yes, we did


since I like to call myself an honest person

I feel the need to tell

"the rest of the story"

so here goes


I never over sleep. I never set my clock because I always wake up so early

5:30 or so

Now I may stay awake for a few minutes and then

allow myself to fall back asleep


I was not worried about meeting Courtney

I was going to leave Berry at 7

I woke up at 8:45

So...we got a late start.

That was okay

we still had plenty of time


the traffic from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa

started slowing down right outside of Bessemer

But, we made it

got to see Coach Saban and the captains

Okay, so that's not so bad

Courtney wanted to eat on the quad

Lawson loves to eat on the quad

and play while he eats

We left the blanket in the car

the ground was wet


we will just go to Pepitos

Court had not been there in years

Sit down


everything is okay


Lawson grabs a table knife off the table

and his arms slips

and he jabs his eye with the knife


everywhere for a few minutes

He was okay

it hit right at his eye brow

a little cut and a little bruise

and some hurt feelings and MeMe and Mommy's food starts flopping around in our stomachs

We head to the stadium

We get in line for the only lower level gate available

We are getting in


they tell me my purse was too big


we get out of line

go to another gate to see if they will let my purse in

Yes, yeah!


it is upper deck

That's okay

we take off

Lawson is loving it


he falls and skins both knees

he calms down when his Mommy tells him

that he can have some jelly beans from

the concession stand

We take off to the top, again

Oh No

this can't be

It was so crowded that you had to get into

a line to even go out and hunt a place to sit

No Way

with a baby


we hung out a while and peeped in to watch a little action

bought Lawson his jelly beans

and headed back down.

Back on the quad we went to take pictures of the captains

hand prints in the cement at Denny chimes

They had it blocked of, of course, since it

was wet cement

Guess what happened

You won't believe it

Lawson spilled his jelly beans

they fell on the ground


3 fell in the cement

Court and I gasped

Oh no, not on our captains


it got worse


upset over his spilled jellybeans

ducks under the blockade and heads for

his jelly beans

Major police movement

Courtney grabbed him just

before he became a

Alabama Captain


3 jelly beans were still in the cement

when we left

quickly with our heads ducked

to the bus stop

We rode the bus back to our car

Lawson needed to "TT"

After our discussion about port a potty

we decided to get him behind some bushes and let him "TT"

I mean surely the cops won't arrest a 2 year old

for indecent exposure

except that Lawson likes to take his pants completely off

when he "TT"s


there he is bottom shining

in the bushes at the Stallings Center


our first luck that day

no one came by

By this time Courtney and I were getting silly

We both know that Lawson will probably be an Auburn fan

That is fine with us both

we tell Lawson he just has to respect our love for Alabama our silliness

we start talking about the likely little Auburn fan

"TT"ing on the grounds of Alabama at their A Day game

you can see that we were getting delirious!
While Lawson was in the bushes "TT"ing he noticed
the cute little flower garden at The Stalling Center
He wanted to go in
There was no stay out sign
so we went in
It was a beautiful little garden
until we looked around and Lawson had pulled up a nice little bouquet
of tulips!
Can anything else happen?

We get to our car fast and go

We were going by Brady and Kim's house

to check on their animals

They were at Disney World

Lawson was so disappointed because the kids were

not there but happy to play on their swing set

I let the cat out and we sat outside to let

Domino stay outside and stretch his legs.

We went in after about 45 minutes

Lawson was wanting to play with Domino

Domino is still a kitten and swats at

everything that moves


you guessed it

Lawson was in the line of fire for one of those swats

He was fine

his feelings were just a little hurt


we noticed that the spot was swelling

he was breaking out

ADD one more thing to Lawson's allergies

Courtney gave him some benadryl

he seemed better

but he said his stomach hurt

Uh Oh

start the bath water

Poor Baby

It was then that Courtney noticed the warning

on the jelly beans that she bought him

They were sugar free

it says to only eat 8
or it may cause diarrhea

are they kidding!!!!

Lawson had eaten most of the


the benadryl started taking affect

his stomach eased

Courtney gave him a bath

while I tried to find some of John Brady's clothes

that wouldn't fall off of Lawson

We locked up and headed home

Courtney said for us to go 55 mph

stay in the right lane and go straight home

and hope tomorrow was better.


UPDATE****** I knew I left some things out....Read Courtney's comment
for the rest of the story....yes it get worse******


Kyler, Jennifer, and Olivia Clark said...

I needed a good laugh today. I could relate to this entire post as I have so been there before. Gotta love life with toddlers :)

ChrisJean3 said...

This literally made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! I'm sorry for all the incidents that happened, but it sure does make it one memorable day!

The Deavours Family said...

oh I needed that laugh today! I know I have all this to look forward to...double the fun!!!

Kim Lawson said...

One more incident you forgot: Lawson's disappointment that Aunt Kim wasn't home! :)

I was thinking out loud about what to get Lawson for his bday. Emma said we should get him jelly beans! Emma didn't pay attention to the rest of the story. ;)

Joy said...

Kim, Yep, I started to put it in but I just hated for the kids to see that he was the most disappointed because his "Aunt Kim" wasn't there! He just could not understand where you were.

Courtney Long said...

You also left out the part where...

1. Lawson tripped going out to the car and skinned his knees - again

2. We went by the ATM and I couldn't find my wallet or the diaper bag

3. We drove back to B&Ks to find the diaper bag & my wallet sitting in the middle of their driveway!

4. We stopped to buy Lawson a popsicle, and they didn't have any.

5. You handed the cashier a $5 bill and it ripped as she took it and then she proceeded to yell at you.

It was THEN I said.. drive 55 and get me home! : )

We still had fun though!

Joy said...

I knew I was leaving some things out....but people probably wouldn't have believed it!!!!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Paul Harvey never had a story this good. :)

The Cannons said...

Too funny.:)

sue said...

A typical day in the life of Joy Lawson!!!