Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our "A Day" Story


We was a nice surprise

Rode the bus to the Quad

He doesn't look happy but he was just

aggravated because I wanted him to look at meBig John was gone, once again, on a turkey hunting trip.
Dave was gone to South Carolina to play golf and celebrate

the birthday of one of his college friends.

So, Courtney and Lawson met MeMe

and we headed down to

National Championship Celebration #2


A Day Game

Here he comes

"The General"

leading his "captains"

After the ceremony to put the hand and footprints of the

captains in cement at Denny chimes

We headed to one of Courtney's favorite college

eating places


It looks like Lawson approves!

By the time we were through eating

the bottom gates were full

So, we headed up the ramp.

Lawson loved running/walking up the ramp!

For a while anyway

Our first glimpse of the UPPER DECK

Uh Oh

we may not get a seat!

At the top

Courtney took Lawson to see the crane.

One of his newest interests

We watched from the aisle

for a little while

And then headed back down the ramp

We sat down to rest outside of the



Lawson was fascinated with the

tower of X's

It took Court and I a minute

to zero in on what he

was talking about

Taking another break

and discussing statues

Riding the Bama Bus
Lawson loves to do this

and even though I must admit...

I was so against this move to ride buses

onto the campus.....

I absolutely love it now!

I feel like I am riding into

"the happiest place on earth"

As we were walking back to our car

Lawson decided he had to "tt"

At his age

when they ask to go

you let them go


there were

port a potties

about a block away

but after a little discussion we decided that

a visit to a port a potty

might set potty training back



Lawson "tted" right there

at The Stallings Center

after all who would be more

understanding than Coach Stallings!

Then, Lawson wanted to investigate the beautiful little garden

at the center.

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Brady said...

Soak it in Lawson, Soak it in. Soon you will be at the fork in the road and the more trips to Tuscaloosa you take, the more you will see the sign that says Crimson tide football is this way.