Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Lv U - I Lv U2

About ten years ago, while on a ladies trip, a young woman about
13 years younger than me, made a statement that I still think of regularly.
We were in a restaurant in Gulf Shores. She pointed out a older couple sitting at a table across from us and said that she had not seen them say a word to each other.
She said she hoped that when her and her husband got older that they
always had something to talk about.

I have often wondered why I can't seem to forget the statement
that she made. It did not hit home. John and I always had plenty to talk about.
I have thought about it often and if we sit at a restaurant for any
amount of time....I wonder if some young person is looking at us and saying they
hope they aren't like us someday.

And there it is.....

That is what bothers me
I luckily have the hard earned wisdom of almost
38 years of marriage to my high school sweetie
There is nothing new with us
We know each others thoughts inside and out
We have a happy life

And guess what
We can be happy
being quiet!

But according to this comic
we will never look old and unhappy

We text all the time
How cool are we!
but then, I have to say it again
not cool
never have been
never will be

But, we are quietly in love
we text it to each other everyday


MomMom said...

How neat!! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

courtney said...

you and dad are so sweet. you make me so proud that you're my parents. i love you.