Monday, May 2, 2011

Images From My Home Town

John woke me at 4:30 Wednesday morning. He told me to get dressed because the weather was getting bad. The wind was blowing like crazy and the trees were bending in opposite directions. We went to the basement and in just a few minutes our neighbor knocked on the door to make sure we were okay. They had been in the town storm shelter and saw the town as they came home. We were shocked.

Our town had DAMAGE but it is all fixable. The power went off as the tornado came through and we did not have power until after I had gone to bed Friday night. I feel like this tornado never actually touched down. I think it skipped over the top of Berry doing damage but nothing like what it would have been if it had touched the ground. We thought it was over. Everybody was wondering around and trying to get started on clean up. Little did we know!

12 hours later another tornado came through the outer parts of Berry. This tornado was DEVASTATING. 4 people lost their lives.

There is much that I could say but I think I am still shell shocked over what has happened in our state. Words just don't seem to be coming.......

The flag pole was bent and the flag ripped in half

I only made these two pictures from the 2nd tornado. The devastation is a wide swatch of houses and trees. It just did not feel right to make pictures as family were standing beside where their houses had been..... grieving.

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