Friday, April 6, 2012

The Pig Men of Creepy Hollow

You know all the new reality shows on TV....well, don't be surprised if you see John on one soon....jk. But...he could join the ranks of Swamp People, Big Foot hunter and those people that fish with their arms.....oh, yes....I would be so PROUD!!!
I think it would be called .....The Pig Men of Creepy Hollow!
The hunting club that John belongs to discovered that they are in the beginning stages of a wild hog problem. I never understood how a "pig" could be a problem until I saw the 2 that John killed with his bow. Oh, my...I hope I never meet up with one of them in the woods. They are huge and have some mighty big tusks. Nasty looking creatures.
After hunting season ended and with the help of the local County Extension Office they are trying to capture some of the pigs in hope of getting rid of the problem.
First they built a pen and allowed them to eat freely. After a while of letting them eat freely they then set the trap to keep them inside.
We laughed till we cried when we saw the pictures of the pigs and all the little babies and how they escaped.
I think they are just feeding the next generation!!!!
If you click on the first picture (made with a tree cam) made that night you can see the babies and this is the picture John made with his phone of how they all escaped. Never underestimate a Mama!!
Just had to include this pic. Isn't it sooo sweet!
My favorite "Pig Man"
the raccoons are "lovin" it

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