Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Disney World Trip

John and I left Thursday and drove down to Orlando in the "MeMe Mobile". We picked up Courtney, Dave, Lawson and Lily at the airport. We always look like a band of gypsies going down the road after we pick up the Long's at the airport. We drive down everything that is too big to carry on the plane and then we add all their luggage, strollers, and car seats.We have a hotel about a mile from the airport where John and I like to stay the night before we pick them up. There are about ten nice restaurants that we can walk to and unwind.
Lawson looking for us as he came into the
Found his Pops
Here comes Lily Pie

Helping get the luggage
We love to stay at Port Orleans Riverside. John and I have stayed at several of the resorts. Our favorite, for us, is The Animal Kingdom Lodge. We have stayed there 3 times and love it but I think Port Orleans Riverside is the best for kids. It is so pretty and kid friendly. I could just stay at the resort all day and enjoy myself.

Is this not the cutest thing EVER!!! Miss Lily has her own ID card at 9 weeks old
Looking at the Restaurant from the pier. We took the boat over to Downtown Disney from the pier.

Lawson watching Disney cartoons while we get checked in
Looking across the water, from the lobby at the pool area


Raegan & Caleb said...

We stayed at Port Orleans last time we went. It is a nice place to stay. Our next trip we are staying elsewhere as Caleb wants to stay at each hotel at least once. Which is fine with me. The rate Disney keeps adding hotels, we will be going often. :)

I'm jealous Lily got her on KTTW. Neither of my kids got one on our last trip since they were under 3. :(

Hope the trip was magical.

Joy said...

Raegan, it says...."not for charging" on it. I laughed and said that was a cruel thing to do to a woman...even if she is just 9 weeks!!!