Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am not using that BASKET

We always have the extended Lawson Family Easter on the Saturday before Easter. Brady and Kim had to be somewhere Saturday morning and knew that they would be about 30 minutes late for lunch. John and I were in Birmingham to help Courtney and Dave set up for the Lawson get together that they were hosting. So, Pops met Brady halfway and picked up Emma, Abby and John Brady so they would not miss out on any of the family fun. This is my grand kids favorite extended Lawson Family get together.
When Brady and John were getting the kids into Pops truck.....Brady told Pops that John Brady would not use his Easter basket.

Why??? you ask......JB3 said it was a basket for a baby!!!

Here is my sweet baby boy about 4 years ago with his "baby Easter basket".

Well, Pops stopped at a Walgreens to get John Brady a basket that he liked. John said they looked at all the baskets and Pops offered to take him to Target. He said they all looked like girl baskets and he finally got a green plastic bucket that cost 99 cents. Pops went to get Easter basket grass and he said he didn't want any!!!! That is his Easter "bucket" in the top picture.

Now, JB3 did not want to miss out on the egg hunting or the PRIZES but the memorable thing about this story is what he told Pops as they were looking at the baskets at Walgreens.

JB3.........Pops I am looking for a "MAN BASKET"

Brady, Pops and Josh say......YES!!!!
When Pops told Brady and Josh the "man basket" story......Brady and Josh both said at the same time....
Why didn't you just run by Lowe's and pick up a bucket!!!

Our little man is growing up!!!!!


Amanda McCrory said...

Love It!!

kimberly t. bowling said...

I totally vote for the BUCKET---think of all the prize eggs and chocolate bunnies that could hold!!!

kimberly t. bowling said...
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