Thursday, April 5, 2012

We Have Fun When.....

Uncle Josh comes to visit
I did a post of Uncle Josh visiting Emma, Abby and John Brady and forgot to do a post about his visit with Lawson and Lily. Miss Lily doesn't know to get excited when Uncle Josh visits but the other 4 sure do!
Josh came to help Dave move some logs and Lawson and Uncle Josh look like they had to talk it over!Soaking up the fresh air......have to keep the sunshine off that tender skin right now. I remember Pops holding baby Abby Claire at an Easter Egg Hunt.....she was sleeping against his chest with her little arm around his can picture this......we had her well protected from the sun and that "ole" sun found that little arm somehow and it got very very pink! So......we try to be careful from all angles.
Law thought it would be so cool to ride on the trailer
We had a picnic at the Botanical Gardens
Josh and Meredith. Meredith had to go to a baby shower after our picnic. She was such a good sport and went on an adventure in the woods with Lawson.

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