Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

No, Courtney did not carry Lily around inside Disney but.....we soon had a routine down pat to get in the gates. Dave took Lawson, Lily had to come out of the carrier because we had to get the ice chest and diaper bag and camera bag searched, Courtney carried Lily, John got the stroller in and I got the bags checked. That is Dave's brother Ken walking beside him.
It is great to have a Daddy and an Uncle to swing you up in the air
The Barn Stormer had reopened. It was being
redone last year. This is the ride that Courtney worked during her time at Disney. Lawson
is like his Mama and Daddy and loves roller coasters.

Our Princess Lily
We took turns riding with Lawson on the Barn Stormer. He rode Thunder Mountain 12 times the last Disney trip. I think this ride with Pops is like the 5th time in a row!
Lily ate in every corner of Disney. A determined breast feeding Mom can always find a place to
feed their baby! Lawson just kept riding the Barn Stormer while Lily ate.
Lily was the perfect little traveler
Lily riding her first Disney World ride at 9 weeks old. I think this is Snow White??
Lawson loves The Haunted Mansion.
walking into the Haunted Mansion
Pops stayed outside with Lily while we were in the Haunted Mansion and then Courtney fed Lily while Lawson took Pops inside the Haunted Mansion. This routine worked in Lawson's favor because he got to ride everything 2 times or more.
Peter Pan
Taking a snack and drink break
This couple getting on The Pirates of the Caribbean (they were married at Disney World) had been married for 2 hours. Courtney asked when they got married and everybody clapped for them!
Watching the parade
Burp time

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Kim Lawson said...

Courtney is lucky to have you document these special moments.