Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SAU Weekend

We spent the weekend at the Renaissance Marriott
in Florence
for the SAU vs UNA game Courtney trying to get Lawson out of the pool

Law loved the slide
The 1970 Football Team
and the Class of 1980
from UNA were having
reunions at the Hotel

Everyone had a hard time figuring us out
One trip down stairs
we would have on a
Alabama Crimson Tide shirt
the next trip a Southern Arkansas University shirt

There was the cutest group of 10-12 year old girls
at the pool
they gave Lawson a lot of attention
then another cute group of 14-16 year old girls
came to the pool
they paid
Lawson attention, also

the older girls got out of the pool
while Lawson was in line for the slide
the girls got in the separate
hot tub
this little 3 year old
came down the slide
looked around for those girls
spotted them
took off running
jumped into the middle of the hot tub
with those girls
What a flirt!

We got to eat supper with the
SAU football team

Uncle Josh

Two peas in a pod!

Lawson cried when his
Uncle Josh
got on the team bus
and didn't take him
Big day for a little boy
He still just looks
like my
to me

knows how good
wasn't very happy

Another long day

Brady, Kim,
Emma, Abby and John Brady
came up Saturday
for the game

They met us at the hotel
and we watched
and then went to the
SAU game that night

look for those pics to come

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