Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A blog post idea

I have been in a clean up and clean out mood
I clean my house regularly
just in case you may think we
are sitting in a dirty house
clean out
that would mean throw things away
I don't get in that mood very often

John would say that
I am a
I don't think so
If you come in my house
my closets and my pantry may be full
but they are
I would even let you look

My problem
I have two huge
outdoor storage buildings
and yes
I look like a
if you look in them

what do I tell myself
about these buildings

we might need this
what if one of the kids need this
what if it quits working and we need the box to carry it back
it has so many memories
it was my mother's
we got this at our wedding shower

when it gets really crowded
I finally get in a throwing out mood
and I am there
I have a ton of my mother's things
that I now need to go through
John has asked you to be on his
hoarders intervention team
you are off the hook

I have already found several things
I want to share
a lot of old pictures
and more

when the title says
Look What I Found
you will know what it is

Here is a funny about my storage buildings
I jokingly told my children
not to make fun of my storage buildings
it was their inheritance
Brady replied
Courtney and Josh can have the contents
I want the building
so there you go!

I am having a terrible time getting
pictures to upload to Blogger
I have been uploading the pics at Brady and Kim's
and then writing the story and publishing at home
hope I get something to upload soon

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