Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Look What I Found

in front of my house in
Merrywood Estates
with his
1966 Chevy II
that's the boy I fell in love with
inside my house
with the roses John sent me
In my
Minor High School
Concert Band uniform

Minor High School
Marching Band uniform


courtney said...

love these pictures!

Karen said...

Hey do I see John's senior ring on your hand in the picture of you holding the roses?

Karen said...

Oh and I LOVE the band uniform pixs. We looked good!! Wow what memories that come flooding back.

Joy said...

Yes, that is his senior ring. I don't think they do that anymore!
Karen, look for yourself in my next Look What I found!

Anna said...

These are awesome! That is Josh with sideburns!!!

Joy said...

Yes, he is his Daddy with blue eyes!

The Cannons said...

Love the pics.:)