Thursday, May 19, 2011

Animal Kingdom Lodge

John and I love The Animal Kingdom Lodge. We were lucky enough to get reservations, again, on a savana. I believe John could just sit on the balcony all day and be happy. It is pretty amazing to wake up and sit on the balcony, in your pj's, and watch a giraffe gracefully stroll by you.

Lawson spent one night with us so he could watch the animals. He was really impressed but in typical little kid fashion he was more impressed with the bunk beds in the room. When we started trying to get reservations the only room left, on a savana, was a room with a queen bed and bunk we took it. It came in handy. Lawson was determined to sleep on the top bunk he became really sleepy he climbed down, got in bed with me, and Pops moved to the bunk bed! Lawson was still having fun with his bubble gun the next morning. Later that morning Pops took Lawson to the pool while I packed us up to head home. I hate I missed going down with them because Lawson was the first one to go down the slide and he got to carry shakers and have music as he slid down the slide. Pretty big stuff for a little man!

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