Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Home again....Home again

Sweet Home Berry Alabama

We are home. We have been in Orlando. We went to Disney World and celebrated Lawson's birthday but I, once again, did not get to see the space shuttle launch. The Endeavor was scheduled to launch today and I was going to be there! My iPhone beeped, when we were about to get on the Florida Turnpike to Orlando, with an update from the Kennedy Space Center. Space Shuttle launch delayed and will launch no earlier than Monday, May 16! That's's not going to happen for me. Mark that off my list and find something else I want to see!

Look for Disney pics soon.

I just have to say that I felt so guilty as we were leaving last Thursday to go on this trip. It had been planned for months. You know that saying...A Baby Changes Everything ( so true )...well, around here, as my daughter in law said it so well, A Tornado Changes Everything! You know that feeling when something happens in your family and you feel like time should stand still, yet all around you life is going on. It felt like time had stopped in Berry and Tuscaloosa, Alabama and everything should stop with it. But, life does go on and you discover that you are so glad that it does. So, life went on for us and we went and celebrated a 4th birthday with a beautiful little boy.

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Amanda McCrory said...

Happy Birthday Lawson!
I'm So Sorry you have missed another shuttle launch.
Its hard to go on with life after all that has happened, I feel so guilty each time I go to the store, drive my car, turn on my tv. I have so much that others do not have anymore and its so hard not to think of those that lost everything even the ones that lost just a little, God Blessed my family this time.