Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesdays with MeMe

This past Tuesday was an unusual day. All 3 kids were home. Abby takes guitar at the UA School of Music and won't have lessons until school starts back and JB3 was not going to Karate that day. So, they had a snack and started playing. The girls have never had a problem with coming up with something to play. Tuesday, is was "beauty shop".

First things first.......Abby Claire is a great speller. I usually go over her spelling and vocabulary words with her on Tuesday afternoons. She never misspells any words. To understand this sign that was on her bedroom door, and that I thought was so funny, you have to know that Abby likes to talk with a British accent and she is good at that too!
The beauty shop waiting area took over Kim's office.


I am thinking maybe.....Emma and Abby


what do you think......Kim

I guess they were backed up because they were having trouble making "MeMe" look decent!

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