Thursday, May 19, 2011

Micanopy, Florida

John and I decided to stop at Micanopy, Florida on the trip down to Disney World. We discovered this little town 10 years ago on the trip to Orlando to bring home Courtney's furniture after her internship.

If you remember the movie Doc Holliday, this is the town where it was filmed. I would say that it has gone downhill a little but still a great spot to stop and stretch your legs. It is about a mile off the interstate. The beautiful two story house is a bed and breakfast. The town has all kinds of antique stores and a couple of really quaint little cafes. Life seems to slow down after you walk a few minutes in this town!


kimberly t. bowling said...

Oh you know I love this kind of stuff...and at first I misread the post, I was thinking the movie Doc Hollywood with Michael J Fox...loved that, and it reminds me of that town...sleepy little small town flair. Looks like a neat stop.

Joy said...

Kim, it was Doc Hollywood. Guess I was thinking about Gunsmoke when I wrote the post!