Monday, May 30, 2011

The Things Kids Say

Or at least a 4 year old

Lawson spent a few days with us last week. When I picked him up in Parrish ( Dave met me half way) he was talking full force. One thing was so cute. You may or may not know that Lawson was born with a peanut allergy. We all have epi pens because of the allergy. But, what I did not know was that you could out grow a peanut allergy and Lawson was declared peanut allergy free back at the first of the year ( he still has other food allergies). Well, as we were driving back to Berry.......Lawson says.....MeMe, you need to taste a Reeses Cup. They are so good! They have chocolate on the outside and peanut butter in the middle. It makes you think about how we just take things for granted.

In a few minutes.......MeMe, I brought my "snerkel" with me. You put it in your mouth and breathe in and out while you are in the water.

and a little further down the road.....MeMe, is it a bad word to say " get your nosy nose out of here"?

and a little further down the road..... ( we call our little car the "Obama" because we got a special deal on it that Obama put into motion)......MeMe, I am glad you came to get me in the "Old Mama"!


Jim, Darlene and Eli said...

So cute....and to experience a Reese Cup for the first time!!Lainey's new phrase is "get go, get go"...translated, "LET GO"

Hollyhand House said...

How cute!! I love that age and all their little funnies!

Kyler, Jennifer, and Olivia Clark said...

Thanks to Lawson now everytime I see you or John driving around Berry I'm going to think about the "Old Mama". Love this age! They are so much fun right now.