Monday, June 13, 2011

A day at the

Me, Emma, Abby and John Brady met Courtney and Lawson at the Birmingham Zoo the weekend that the kids spent in Berry. We enjoyed a great picnic outside the Zoo and then went in to see the animals. I can truly say that it was hot.......I am mad-I want spring- it got skipped over....... the kids were great but after seeing about half the Zoo we headed over to let them cool off at the splash pad. It was crowded but Lawson and John Brady had a good time. After the boys got their fill of the splash pad we rode the Carousel and then went to see a few more animals. I think next trip will be on a weekday and earlier in the day!

The favorite
Lawson trying to imitate the tiger roar
this lion was really roaring
He was telling the news about something and the kids were so impressed
Lawson and JB3 at the splash pad
Abby Claire trying to convince JB3 that he is tired of the splash pad

Next, the kids rode the Carousel.Emma wanted so badly to get the giraffe on the Carousel. She did but was disappointed to discover that it did not move. I don't blame her. Why have an animal that doesn't move on a carousel?We stopped to watch the trainers working with the seals

a favorite...feeding the flamingos

To end the day......Yogurt Mountain

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