Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Smoky Mountains 2011

John and I were in Gatlinburg back at the first of June to see the Fire Flies at Elkmont. Here are a few picture from the rest of the trip.

Roaring Fork Motor Trail

Cades Cove

1st bear we saw

If you read my blog you know I love trees. So, this dogwood tree amazed me. John and I have a dogwood tree that we have babied for 20 years. It started out about a foot tall and smaller around than my little finger and 20 years later it is a beautiful tree (and I thought big) but it is only about 3 inches around. Makes you wonder how old this dogwood is!

Mama Bear and cub

Look close at the beards on these turkeys

We were on the primitive road.....I think it is called Rich Road....that you can get on in Cades Cove. It comes out in Townsend. Look close to the bottom center and you can see the Methodist church in Cades Cove.

As I was taking the picture of the Valley below us I saw this really "ugly" lizard. It was so camouflaged against this tree with it's skin having little spikes on it that made it look like bark. Amazing....all the little things God did in making his creation!

Again, look closely at the very center of this picture.......do you see Mama Bear up in that tree?

The Forest Ranger running everybody out of the meadow where the mama bear was up the tree. Her babies were playing at the bottom of the tree and she said you would be surprised how fast "Mama" could get down out of that tree!

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kimberly t. bowling said...

Great pics Mrs. Joy! And while I can imagine (having mama bear/cub instincts myself :)) I don't think I would ever want to find out just how fast Mama bear can get down from a tree for her babies!!