Monday, June 13, 2011

Sweet Bailey

Our sweet little girl "Bailey" has really grieved for "Bama". I have never witnessed this before, in an animal, and it has been pretty amazing. She truly misses her "sister". So, last week we decided to take Bailey to swim for a treat.

Bailey came into our family as Bama was beginning to really show her age (13 years old, then). I wanted a puppy because I thought we wouldn't have Bama much longer. I thought Bama could show the new dog how to take care of us! Little did I know that Bama would live 5 more years! We took Bama to swim all the time and she would go with us when we rode 4 wheelers. She knew if John motioned for her to get in the back of the truck that she was in for some fun. We realized that because Bama had gotten too old to go that we had never taken Bailey to swim etc.

John let down the back tailgate of the truck and motioned for Bailey to get in.....she just stood there and looked at us. John ended up having to pick her up and put her in the back. Bama loved to hang her head over the side of the truck bed and let the wind hit her face....Bailey curled up in the corner. When we got to the water.....John opened the tailgate and again had to lift her out. She was not impressed with the water. I mean really....she is a Lab! We walked out in the water thinking she would follow us...she didn't. I finally took her collar and forced her to walk out into the water. Picture that we were so excited to bring her to swim thinking she would love it. She didn't and she didn't warm up to it. Oh well, we will bring her again and maybe she will like it better next time. When we got to the house....John opened the tailgate and she wouldn't jump out. John made her stay until she got out on her own.


Meredith said...

If she ever needs a friend, Lola is always up for playing!! Bailey's welcome to B'ham anytime.

Joy said...

Meredith, I know Bailey would love it....except the trip to Birmingham!