Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shari Cavali / Branon Bishop Wedding

John and I headed to North Carolina, 2 weeks ago, for a wedding. The son of some of our best friends was getting married. That would be Wayne and Shirley Bishop. Now, our history goes much deeper than saying John's best friend...that is just where the story begins. John and Wayne were friends all their teenage years, they went to school and church together. I met Wayne way before I knew John....we were both in the band....and at Minor High School that was a special connection that never goes away. We loved Shirley the first time we met her and I still remember the first time she made us spaghetti at her apartment. Well......John and I moved to Berry when we got married and life took over and we see Wayne and Shirley on average of once a year. But that feeling never goes away. The minute we heard that Pleasant Grove had been hit by the tornado....John and I panicked because that is where Wayne and Shirley live! All this to say that we may not see each other often ......but, we have always been there for the big, important, sad and happy times in each other lives.

This was a HAPPY time!

The wedding was on a gently sloping lawn beside Lake Norman. It was very pleasant under the trees where the wedding took place.

you can see the shade over the chairs

Brandi Bishop Gray - sister of the groom

Here is the story behind this picture...and I bet you are wondering.

The preacher and parents of the groom walked down the aisle to the usual formal wedding music. Then the music made a scratchy sound (on purpose)....that made everybody panicky for a second...and then some very modern music started playing and the groom and best man appeared and started dancing down the lawn toward the they got close to the aisle Branon leap frogged over the best man and did the splits....we couldn't help it...we clapped.

dancing down the aisle

look past the couple in the red jacket and light blue dress.....and you can see Wayne and Shirley.

Here comes the bride.................

the bride and her dress was beautiful

and if you are wondering...the music went back to a little more traditional for the bride

I loved it.......they had just exactly what they it should be!So obvious how happy they were


Being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Branon Bishop

Their first dance......and yes, that's my Big John watching

I love this new cup cake craze

throwing the bouquet

the garter

John and I got to sit and watch the festivities and visit with Wayne and Shirley. We left around midnight...that's a sign of a good time.

Beautiful wedding, handsome groom, beautiful bride, beautiful bridesmaid, beautiful grandchildren and our wonderful friends. What a great weekend. Wayne and Shirley, we love you and hope we get to see each other more in the years to come.


Kim Lawson said...

The groom kissed his bride just the way Brady kissed me!

Wayne Bishop said...

Thank you two for making the trip to North Carolina for this festive event. I think FESTIVE will cover it. You made some great pictures. Getting to be with you two is always fun. Thanks again.

Shari said...

Thank you so much for making the long trip up here for our big day! It was great getting to meet you.
The blog is wonderful and the pics are fantastic!