Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Not So Good Day


it would have been but I had my

Emma, Abby and John Brady

to make it into a

Funny Day To Remember

It was one of those days. Emma, Abby and John Brady were spending the weekend with us while their parents went to Nashville to meet up with some friends. One of the first things the kids always want to do is to take a golf cart ride to the pasture and feed Zion some carrots. I could not find the golf cart key but I found a key that would work. We walked out to get on the golf cart and found that Pops had let the back seat down to pick up some things in the yard.......I went to pick the seat up, into the normal sitting position, for the kids to sit on and it would not budge. I tried everything and could not get it to move. So, I got a broom, swept off the weeds and told the kids they would have to ride like it was! We went and fed Zion and then came home. On the ride back home John Brady (will be in 1st grade this year) looked up and saw some writing on the roof of the golf cart. We bought the golf cart, used, and I had noticed writing, score keeping etc. but never paid it any attention. Well, John Brady started sounding out the word and I soon realized, while still trying to keep my eyes on the road, that I really hoped he didn't sound it out right this time. (time to get out an eraser and clean the golf cart top! )The pool was not ready to swim due to a problem with the water ( a little yellow algae!) But, we went out to the pool to do a little work. John was not home......

Abby was going to water my plants that were around the pool. I have a cute little bird water faucet on the side of the pool house with one of those curly Q hosepipes just for my flower pot watering.

See this spot.....that is where the water faucet was.....

As Abby went to turn on the water the faucet turned upside down. MeMe comes to fix the problem. As I turned the faucet right side broke off!

Immediately.....water gushing everywhere. Now, water in Berry is not cheap (not complaining...just the truth). As I watched this very big stream of water gush all over the porch I was seeing dollar signs. For what seemed like an eternity we all just stood there and stared and then I started looking for the water turn off valve to the pool. We had not turned the water completely off in years.

So, I quickly realized that I would have to dig to find it. I could not find anything to use to dig with so I started digging with my hands....hoping, I wouldn't dig up something squirmy that would make me very upset! Well, I finally got to the turn off valve and this happened......

Yep, it broke off in my hand. Picture my grandkids watching all of this. not sure what to think and really wanting to get into that stream of water that was turning into a small river.

I yell for all of them to follow me. We would have to go find the house water meter, out by the road, and shut it off. The water meter isn't in my is a small jaunt to where it is, so the meter reader can get to it. I am out of breath, making sure all 3 kids are with me and my mind is going through all my options, trying to find one that I think I can do! We get to the meter...I always hate opening it up because of what I might find, but, I was also having visions of no summer vacation because the money, to pay for it, was washing into the woods behind the house. Anyway, I open it up and I can't get it to budge. Okay..... kids, lets run back to the house and find a wrench. Okay...I can't find a wrench. By this time, all 4 of us were out of breath and you could hear the water gushing. I heard my neighbor....okay kids.... follow me. Luckily, Danny was home and he found a wrench and turned off the water. So, that's better except, we did not have water until John got home.... fun with 4 people!

In the meantime, the kids and I walk back out to the drenched pool area, where my poor potted plants were begging for a drink of water, to discover that my iPhone had been directly in the water gusher. What can I say.....the otter box does what it says it will. My phone was fine. I had to take it apart and dry it off but it still worked.

John got home and fixed the broken pipe, got the water back on and watered my poor plants. When I walked out to check on everything I found one of my sweet potatoes vines broken and lying pitifully on the ground. No one would admit to this offense.

I try to pet my plants at the pool and the kids think Pops did it!

And...where was Pops while all of this was happening. He went to work for a few hours that morning and then ran to Tuscaloosa to get a new filter for the pool. As I said before, we are having a water problem (a different one than the faucet!) at the pool. John has always prided himself on having crystal clear pool water. Well, so far, this will be remembered as the year that it wasn't! After many different chemicals, new sand and taking the filter apart, the decision was made that we needed a new filter. Now, this filter is 24 years old and it has served us wonderfully up until this year. Memorial Day was almost on us and John wanted his pool clean for Memorial Day! So, he started calling pool shops. One shop, in Tuscaloosa, said they could get him a new filter by noon Friday. John was in Tuscaloosa waiting on the new filter to get to the store. I bet you are thinking that he got home at 1:30 or maybe 2:00. Oh no...he didn't and here is

The Rest of The Story

The truck, with the new filter, did not get there until 4:45. Why, you ask......well, the truck that was bringing our new filter was being loaded, in Birmingham, and the driver was in the parking lot, by his truck, when another truck hit him! He is going to be okay but had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital and was still there when the truck arrived in Tuscaloosa almost 5 hours later. Bless his heart. It just wasn't a good day for him either! John got home at 6:15.
Pops and John Brady got the new filter put in after dark that night!

Everything needing fixed or being used to fix things at the pool

So, while John was trying to get the water back on, so we could fix supper, flush a toilet, get a drink of water and take a shower, the kids wanted to go ride the golf cart. I yelled for John to come fix the seat on the golf cart...... As John was walking up to the golf cart, muttering something about what else could go wrong, John Brady proceeds to just flip the seat up in the right position. my mouth fell open (remember that I tried for 15 minutes to get it up that morning). It's bad enough when your husband fixes something, quickly, that had you stumped but when your husband gets to witness, your 6 year old Grandson, fix it in a snap... it's not fun! So, we get on the golf cart (while I am still telling John everything I tried to get the seat to flip up) and go to the Elementary School playground. The kids loved playing on the new playground equipment.......but they still have the (I call it the know what I am talking about) thing that has been there since I moved to Berry. I remember having one of these when I was in elementary school. It was their favorite and, of course, it being the no good day, Emma tore her shorts on it! top off the day....I walked out, to close up the pool, and found this garbage can overflowing! know what......I feel so blessed.....anyway!

Got to have these kind of days to appreciate the "Best Days Ever"

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