Friday, June 24, 2011

A Family Wedding

Our nephew , Justin Lawson, married Kayla Amerine last Saturday during a beautiful outdoor wedding at Stone Bridge Farm in Cullman, Alabama. It was a perfect afternoon with a nice overcast sky. Kayla was a beautiful bride and, of course, she married a really handsome Lawson man! Justin is the son of David and Linda (Collier) Lawson. David is the youngest of five brothers and sisters --- Jane, Charlotte, Linda, John and David. I love that as time goes on and the family gets bigger and older that John's family still sticks together and support each other. I made a few pictures at the wedding. So.....enjoy!Kayla and Justin of the darling little flower girls escaped!

looking over Linda's shoulder at the unity candle

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Curtis Lawson

about to slap his Dad's hand

so cute

oops again.....Reid (nephew of the groom) escaped while the preacher was inviting everyone to the reception. Aunt Jamie (groom's sister) came to the rescue ---- Dad (Jared Lawson) and big brother (Maclain) were in the wedding and Mom (Cassie) was holding his 2 month old sister (Mollie). Whew....did you get all of that!

Courtney and Lawson

Brady, Kim and kids walking over to the reception

Kim and Justin

Welcome to the family!

the orange rings were John Brady and Lawson's favorite thing on the buffet

Cousins - Brady and Scott with Kim.

cutting the cake

beautiful food tables

caught Abby Claire in this pic

the play area....such a good idea
Brady, Dave and Pops have a pretty place to sit and watch the kids at the play area. Another good idea!

A table full of Lawson family members

Kim and Granny. Such a good picture

I wanted a picture of my two handsome grandsons. Lawson in an uncooperative picture taking stage....and then there is John Brady, standing so nicely..cooperating, smiling that gorgeous smile...oh, well!

John Brady trying to figure out what Lawson is doing

and finally I gave up

Mother and Son dance

throwing the bouquet

and the garter

Courtney explaining to Lawson what Justin is doing with the garter. Wish her eyes had been open!

Fireworks after dark!

Dave, Lawson and Maclain. Not sure that the boys liked the fireworks!

Brothers.....John and David with Reid


Reid was fascinated with the sparklers

Miss Mollie was interested, also. Isn't she a beauty.

It was a great day. Congratulations, Justin and Kayla Lawson!


Michele-Team Mom said...
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hicksfamilycircus said...

so pretty. Wish we could have been there.

kimberly t. bowling said...

Oh I love this color combo, brown and apple green...a Moore girl in town had this a couple of years ago and it was just gorgeous. And I adore the brown suits on the guys!! And I also LOVE that tuft tablecloth under the cake!! And the play area for the kids...perfecto! Beautiful wedding!