Friday, September 2, 2011

Berry STOMPED Northside

John and I went to Berry's 1st football game last Friday night. I was so proud of our team. They played hard on a night that was very hot and it felt like there was not a bit of air stirring anywhere. After Berry got so far ahead they put in their 2nd string, then the 3rd string and then the string that had to be shown , while still on the sidelines, where to stand and they still made a touchdown. Congratulations, Berry Wildcats! Keep it up Something happened at this game that I have never witnessed at a high school game. The ref got tangled in a pile up and was tackled to the ground. It hurt know when you aren't in high school anymore, no matter your age, it hurts. They had to have a time out and the medical crew came out to tend to him. It took a while but he was able to stand and stayed on the field for one more play before he called an official time out and called the ref from the box to come take his place.

Our sweet neighbor leading a cheer

singing the Alma Mater after the game

Enjoying the win

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kimberly t. bowling said...

Beating Northside, at any score, really never gets old. :)