Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Girl and Her Horse

Emma has started taking English riding lessons. She is loving every minute of it and I am thrilled for her. She had her first riding competition a little over week ago. I have a lot to learn about horses and the things surrounding them. Such as, is "competition" the correct word? I had no clue if what she was doing was right-wrong-or almost right! In typical MeMe fashion.......which is why being a grandparent is so wonderful.......I thought everything she did was perfect. Oh, I just thought of it.......I think you call it a "show". So, if that is right.....then, here are pictures from her first "horse show". Isn't she cute in her pigtails!


Kim Lawson said...

Yes! This girl loves to ride!! Her trainer said she can't believe how fast Emma picked up on riding and that Emma is doing great!!

Rachel said...

I happen to have a little experience in the horse show world... and from the pictures, I think you are right Ms. Joy, she looks great! Good form, Emma! From the looks of the smile, you guys will probably soon know all about horse shows.

hicksfamilycircus said...

I'm so excited for Emma!! She looks great on that horse!!