Monday, September 5, 2011

Tuesdays with MeMe

Except.... Pops took over my Tuesday and we went to see Lawson Sunday instead of Tuesday!
We took Lawson to play at Heardmont Park after we ate lunch

Pops let Lawson play in the stream at the park

Lawson still had on his Sunday clothes so....I took them home and washed them after he fell and got that yucky slimy stuff all over them!

Pops came with me Tuesday to pick up Emma, Abby and John Brady. He wanted to see them before he left on his hunting trip. Pops cooked supper for us.

I let Abby Claire have my camera so....all of these pictures were made by the budding Photography by ABBY

Emma asked to help so she buttered the bread

Pops peeling potatoes

happy JB3

self portrait

JB3 watching cartoons
the girls relaxing (I made this one)

JB3 wasn't ready to do his homework

Mama changed his mind

and he got it done

Lucky wants out

onions for the hamburger steak

mashed potatoes

Emma went for a ride after supper

Supper was great....we will miss you while you are gone, Pops!

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