Monday, January 9, 2012

Central Church of Christ Youth Group

The Youth Group from our church went on their yearly mission trip. We went to Montgomery and worked with the Montgomery Inner City Mission. What a blessing this trip and these kids were to me!
We left the Tuesday after Christmas and got checked in around 4 o'clock. We unpacked went out to eat, came back and had a devotional. Wednesday, we went down to the Inner City Mission and went out into the community, that we were working with, to remind the kids that signed up to be ready the next morning. What an eye opener. After spending about 2 hours talking with people in the community we loaded back up on the bus and headed back. The youth practiced their songs to sing with the kids on the bus. We got back to the cottage, freshened up, went and ate and then began intensive work on the "one day Bible School" We went to bed around 2 or 3.
Thursday we were up bright and early to get to the mission and go pick up the kids. They all seemed so glad to have somewhere to go. I hope we blessed their life as much as they blessed ours.
Let me say this about our Youth Group. These kids all come from good homes , with good parents and basically have great lives. They have no hidden agenda in doing these things except that they are GREAT kids. They know how to act and they know how to give...a great combination. I couldn't be prouder of them. In fact, over half of them are Seniors in college....they really have "graduated from the Youth Group" but they want to be part of the giving. How great is that.....think of what most college kids are doing on their break. So proud of our kids and....I love you and thank you so much for putting up with me!!! Saying a prayer before we left the church

We have arrived in the "Marshmallow"

The cottage we stayed in for the trip.

Having an organizational meeting in the lobby

Trey and a friend

Shae and Jacey with Keion. Keion stole everybody's heart!

The guys putting on a puppet show

all the kids

The boys did a skit for the kids.....The Parable of the Good Samaritan. Evan is Jesus and Connor is a smart man helping to tell the story

The thieves robbing the Jew. the thieves are Cole and Joey

Trey as the Priest

the other Trey as the Levite

Trevor as the Samaritan

Connor playing Lego's with the little guys

Trey letting a little guy beat him in basketball

Spencer playing with a buddy he made

Caroline helping out

Kayla, Shae and Jacey doing crafts with the girls

Discussing what to order for supper that night after everybody took a nap. We were all exhausted.

A very meaningful devotional that night. Each person lit their candle from the person next to them as they told what the day had meant to them, how they were touched by the children and what they would always remember.

Joey and Cole

Lots of emotional tears were batted back or rolled down cheeks that night

A very special prayer for the children whose hearts we hoped we touched that day

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kimberly t. bowling said...

What a sweet bunch of kids/young adults! Love their acts! Especially love their candlelight sharing. Being God's hands here on earth touching lives...nothing more important.