Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Game

I don't think I put the name of the B&B we stayed at in New Orleans. Since we were so pleased with our stay I thought I would put their name on here. Park View Guest House.

John and I walked here for about two hours while we waited on our room to be ready. It is beautiful and has a lot of shade so you can enjoy it on a warm day. Which it turned out to be the whole time we were there. The last two times I was in NOLA for a bowl game we wore our long wool coats!

Tulane University was right across the street from our B&B and Loyola was right beside Tulane.

The church on Jackson Square. Not sure if those Bama fans are praying or looking at the ceiling

Riding the trolley to the big game. Standing up in front of us were the sweetest couple. He was an Auburn fan and she was an Alabama fan. He told us that he loved her dearly and that he supported Alabama when he could. He said he was going to the game with his AU shirt on and with his AU shaker and every time Alabama did something good that he was going to shake his shaker and that she did the same for him. They were really cute!

Trent Richardson's Uncle. He was a hoot. He came to the back of the trolley where we were sitting and talked to us and shook our hands.

The blimp and the dome. Words can not describe the mess it was to get into the dome. I am not sure what the problem was but we stood in line for 1 and 1/2 hours to get in. They only had two entrances open!

The coin toss. Let the game begin.

Wow.....I never dreamed in 1992 ( when we won a National Championship that we could not go to because of the accident that Curt had ) when I asked John to promise me I would be at the next National Championship....that I would be at two in the space of 3 football seasons. We almost sold our tickets. I am so glad we didn't.

John holds his emotions pretty steady.....but if you had been in those stands when the clock hit would have seen him whoop, holler and swing me around. He was one happy man!

Can you hear the crickets chirping??? The LSU fans were all gone before we made a touchdown

And here is the Crimson Nation. Still there a hour and a half later

One happy couple. Thank you, honey. On the way home, John started talking about next year. I didn't realize where he was going....first he said that he thought that we would have a "good" team with "good" talent but that talent would need to be molded and trained so.....he did not think we would be going to the BCS Championship Game next year but.....just in case....he was telling me now that he was not going to Miami!

Celebrating after the game on Bourbon Street. John and I got home at 3:00.

They were replaying the game where we ate 2:00 AM. John went in a drug store and bought us some alka seltzer....just in case!

This seasoning was on the shelf just down from the alka seltzer. I couldn't resist a pic.


Kim Lawson said...

Great pic of Pops!

kimberly t. bowling said...

I'm glad you didn't sell your tickets either! Love the B&B pics and those of Tulane and Loyola, neat. But I really logged on to say exactly what Kim already said....that is an awesome pic of Big John, I love it!

Kyler, Jennifer, and Olivia Clark said...

Looks like y'all had a great trip. I always wanted to visit NOLA but Kyler wasn't impressed when he went and I haven't been able to conveince him to go back.