Monday, January 30, 2012

It Was A Beautiful Day At The Park


Lawson fell in the water...........Law and I went to Heardmont Park, Sunday afternoon, to let him enjoy the beautiful afternoon. He stopped to play with these little black bugs that were covering the know boys and bugs! When he tired of that he skipped off ahead of me....telling me that he was going to see if he could jump over the water. There is a spot that has a very small amount of water flowing over the walkway. It is actually part of a small stream that is usually almost dried up in that spot. There is also a bridge close to the spot (who wants to use a bridge???) but last summer, the spot where the water flows over the walkway, was low enough that Lawson could jump over it. Well, he got there and it was way too wide to jump know all that rain we have had lately. I was closing in on the few steps he was ahead of me but before I could get to him......he decided to try to tiptoe across....yep, you guessed it.....he fell.

Soaking wet on a January day.

We had to leave...of course. His feelings were really hurt. We stripped off his wet clothes in the car as I blasted the heater. He wanted to take off ALL his wet clothes.....I told him I would have a hard time explaining to a policeman why I had a "nekkid" little boy in my back seat!!!! So, he rode home in wet underwear and socks. He thought that was kinda cool. BOYS!

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