Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Usual

THE ZOO......again

Last Friday, Courtney's husband, Dave flew to Florida to meet up with his brother and some college friends to have a weekend of golf before the new baby gets here. Courtney had to work that day and we had been talking about doing some work in the nursery. It worked out great because John had company at the camp house for the weekend. So, I spent two days in Birmingham.

Friday, Lawson and I went to the Zoo. It never gets old for him. He knows the place by heart and tries to tell the people he sees at the Zoo where they need to go and what they need to see!You may remember from a blog post about two weeks ago, when I got to take all 4 grand kids to the Zoo, that a peacock followed us around. Well, I am assuming this is the same Peacock and he/she liked us again this trip. The peacock was sitting on this planter when we got there. Lawson noticed it immediately and remembered it from last time.

We stopped by the Zoo office to ask if Lawson's jacket might be in the lost and found. As we turned around to leave there was the peacock. The lady in the office said it was looking for M&M's!!!!

I believe this little turtle in the reptile house needs a nerve pill. It started jumping at Lawson when he touched the glass and pointed at it!

Lawson remembered to bring some quarters to get some bird food. He pointed to the little sign on the machine and told me he needed a 2 and a 5 and a c. So there you go.....remember to bring your 2 and your 5 and your c if you want some bird food!

Here he/she is again. Showing off

We were there around 4 o'clock. It was a great time because they were feeding all the animals so they were all out and active. Lawson was amazed at how they put the food all over the cages so they have to hunt the food and fight over it.

These little guys were eating their supper, also. Carrots, apples and strawberries. Last year we were at the Zoo and these little monkeys were eating an afternoon snack......popcorn. It had been scattered about the cage. So, today when some people had walked up to the cage, as we stood there, Lawson informed them that they ate popcorn. He also turned around and told the Mother that that was the reason the monkey's hands were yellow......from dipping it's hands in the popcorn bucket and the butter got on them! Yes, he really told them that! I just shrugged my shoulder and smiled.

supper time....here I come

The trainer said this elephant is 11 years old and that they had taught him some tricks. Here he is asking for food.

JB3 will love this pic. We got to see all 5 of the lion cubs...."The Royal Family"

Saturday we had to run some errands which included Lowe's. Lawson wanted to sit on this lawn mower. The first one he started to sit on had a wet seat so as he climbed over to the next mower Court warned him not to step on the mowing deck......meaning it might tear up the mower

but Law pointed to the warning and informed his Mom that he knew what it would do...it would cut off your face, cut you in half and then cut off your foot. I think he is taking it serious!


kimberly t. bowling said...

I had no idea lawnmowers were so dangerous, thanks to Law I shall be more cautious as I do not want Rivers or Willard to be cut in half. :) That is precious.

Kyler, Jennifer, and Olivia Clark said...

Love the zoo pictures. I am anxiously awaiting the weather and Kyler's off days to coordinate so I can take the girls :)