Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Family Christmas Cards 2011

One of these days I will write "the stories behind the Christmas card"....because there always is one. I love making these pictures and sending them. It is a little record of our family. How....I wish I had done one every year. Sometimes...when I mail out my cards I think....nobody wants this card and then someone will tell me how much they enjoyed the card and it is all worth the effort. I love getting Christmas cards..picture or no picture...but I really love seeing a picture of your family. I save all my Christmas cards and we look through them every year at Christmas. My daughter in law, Kim Lawson, of Kim Lawson Photography does my card for me every year. A great before Christmas present!!!! This year my son in law, Dave Long, edited the picture for me.

John & Joy's Family


Brady and Kim Lawson's Family



David & Courtney Long's Family


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crystal hollyhand said...

I live the cards!! So creative! You have a beautiful family!