Thursday, January 12, 2012


TIDE ROLLJohn and I headed down to New Orleans for the big game.

We did not decide to go to the game until Thursday. We had our tickets since 2 weeks before Christmas and were lucky enough to get them for face value. We decided the Tuesday before the game to try to sell them. I knew the only way I would sell them would be if I could get a really good price for them. I was uneasy about my decision to try to sell them. I was also uneasy about spending the money to go to the game after we had gone to the Rose Bowl BCS game in 2009 so.....I felt like if we got a big price for the tickets that I would know it was just meant for us to stay home. We put them up for sale the same day that The Tuscaloosa News came out with an article about how the price of the tickets were going to drop ( we only saw 2 tickets for sale in NOLA ). Well, we only had one call and they didn't call back. John called me Thursday morning and told me he had decided to forget selling the tickets .....he wanted to go! That was all I needed to hear. I got on the computer hunting a place to stay. I was a little worried about finding a room. Well, I did find rooms....for 399.00, 499.00 and 599.00 a night. Nope...not me...I refuse to pay that for a Hampton or Holiday they required that you stay 3 nights. We only wanted to do 2 nights. I am too old for 3 nights of NOLA!

I guess fate just wanted us to be there. I just kept clicking through Google and came upon a B&B that had a great room, would let us stay for 2 nights, the total was less than one night at the other places and we could ride the street car to the French Quarter. So....I started packing

Then guess what.....the next day John's phone started exploding with calls of people wanting to buy our tickets. One person offered to buy our room also. John told them that we had decided to go and they should have called earlier. (the ticket prices did not go down)

The B&B

the park beside the B&B

our first night on Bourbon Street


Keri said...

I told my mom that I'm pretty sure I saw you on Monday walking around NOLA...can't remember right now where exactly we were though.
Sounds like y'all had a fun trip. Even though we did not make it to the game, we had a great time!

Joy said...

I saw you! I told John...There's Keri...he was like...who? By that time you were gone. I started to run after you but we (he) were staring at a girl with the shortest dress.....ever! I hated to leave him standing there for I was sure his mouth was about to fall open!!!!

Keri said...

Ha!! Steven said the same thing after I saw you...he was like, who??
I said, nevermind :)