Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yes, and 2 buncos won me all these prizes. I came home from Birmingham ,Thursday, just in time to zoom into the driveway for our bunco group night. We are a new group and I can tell we will be around for a while. We have so much fun! Our group just seems to click. Here is the funny.......I walked in with my prize for the month (Easter decoration) and put it down while admiring all the other pretty decorations brought by members. I made the comment that I wouldn't ever win.....I never win anything. NOW.....I am not complaining....I am just not lucky......but I would not say that I am I have said before I tend to lead a very boring life....I love my boring life....but that includes not winning! Well, maybe my luck is changing because I won.....yes, I won all these beautiful Easter decorations! I can't wait to start decorating for I said when I was kidding about not ever winning....I go for the FRIENDSHIP and FELLOWSHIP and we have plenty of that!


Jim, Darlene and Eli said...

Love Bunco!! I am on the "Sub" list if your group needs a player.
It is a great stress-releaser.

kimberly t. bowling said...

I think you're definitely a winner everytime going for the friendship and fellowship...but boy it sure looks like you hauled in a nice load of loot!!! Way to go Mrs Joy! this picture makes me just want to come pick a prize from your table of goodies!!!