Monday, February 6, 2012

Six days and counting

Baby Brain

I had heard this statement before and decided yesterday that my very intelligent daughter, Courtney, who is due in 6 days, has a definite case of baby brain.

Courtney and Dave had some things, for the baby, on their Christmas wish list. One thing was a baby swing. We got them one and when Courtney and I tried to put it together we discovered a leg with a part missing. After a couple of weeks of begging Mattel to send us a new leg, mailing them the old leg and hoping we would receive the part...... a whole new swing was left on our front porch by UPS! Anyway, we drove up, Sunday afternoon, to deliver the new swing. After we put the new leg on the original swing......I looked around and said it looks like you are packed for the hospital.....

That was when Courtney showed me the beautiful heavy blanket she had just bought from a business on ETSY for the trip home from the hospital. I asked if she had decided what the baby was wearing home? I had saved the dress that Courtney wore home from the hospital. A yellow Feltman Brothers dress. It looks just like the Feltman Brothers of is a little shorter. I also had a white Feltman Brothers that was hers and is the same size.

Courtney went to the closet to show me that she had packed both dresses, in the garment bag, along with a light weight dressy receiving blanket.

Courtney then asked me.........I can't remember, was this blanket.....MINE or DAVID'S?

I replied........."It was YOURS as I looked at the PINK BLANKET!!!!

I think Courtney needs to have this baby!!!!!!

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kimberly t. bowling said...

maybe she's color blind. :)