Saturday, February 25, 2012


Berry Lady Wildcats and Coach Vic Herren

CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done!

Tuesday, I left Oak Mountain and headed to Wallace State Hanceville to see the Berry Lady Wildcats play in the State Regional Playoffs. It took something special to get me to leave my new granddaughter but you know us Lawsons......we love us some basketball and football! I miss those days. Of course, Josh is still very much involved in football but he is a little far away. He is probably glad.....John and I would be in the stands watching practice! I have soooo enjoyed watching these girls play. They played RA Hubbard in this last game. RA Hubbard won the state last year and did not lose any players. Berry actually starts a 8th grader.....and she is out ...we will be around for a while! Anyway, back to me leaving Oak Mountain.....when Brady played basketball they did things only came together for the final 4....Josh's bball team went to Hanceville 2 times and we have gone to Hanceville to watch the other basketball teams from Berry that have gone over the years.....but I have never made the trip from Birmingham. What an easy drive. The drive to Hanceville from Berry is like being on a roller coaster at times. I went straight up 65 and turned at the Blount exit which took me straight into Hanceville and to Wallace State. A very pretty drive. The girls lost.....and I still remember that takes a week or so to be able to smile and say ...WE HAD A GREAT since it has only been 5 days I will say it for you! SO PROUD OF YOU. It has been fun watching you play and can't wait for next year!

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