Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesdays with MeMe

watching TV and studying

JB3 on his computer

Cooper watching JB3

experiment........they had to finish all the coke in the last bottle to be able to do the experiment....what a sacrifice for a science experiment!

Conversations in the MeMe Mobile

John Brady was telling me, as we were on our way to pick up the girls, that they were going on a trip. He mentioned that he might turn blue......HUH????? But I did not question him. We got the girls and were headed home and Emma started telling me about the trip their family was going to take....when John Brady piped up and said that the water at the hotel would turn blue. Emma......what???? John Brady......well, Mama said if we got in the water at Amelia Island that we would turn if I turn blue then the water in the tub will turn blue when I take a bath! SO....there you go!!

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Kim Lawson said...

Now I know what he's talking about. I told them the water would be so cold they would turn blue if they swam in it.