Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The things a four year old says


it may be the things MeMe says

I was changing Lily's diaper and Lawson was watching. Miss Lily Pie was not impressed with the diaper change...she was ready for her Mommy's Lily feeders! She eats much better if she is wide awake, so......we don't necessarily try to get her to quit crying if she gets upset during her, very quick, diaper change. Well, Lawson did not like it, one bit, that his baby was crying. I told him that it did not hurt a baby to cry just a little bit........that in fact, it was good for their lungs!

So, yesterday, when Courtney was changing Lily's diaper and Lily started crying.....Lawson looked at his Mom and said....."It's okay if she cries, irritates her bones! How did he get irritates her bones from good for their lungs. I guess it could be me!

Lawson was laying in bed with me and Lily was between us. He was gently rubbing her cheek when he looked at me and said.....she is going to be a queen when she grows up. MeMe...really? Lawson....yes, but I won't live with her. MeMe...why? Lawson...exasperated with me...because she will live in a castle with a king.....and before MeMe could comment Lawson said.....and I will live in there you go.....guess you better hang around me so we can all go to the castle and then run down to Florida for a while!!!!

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kimberly t. bowling said...

Or miss Lily could live in THE castle in the happiest place on earth....THE castle every little girl wishes to live in with her Prince Charming!