Monday, March 19, 2012

C3 Ladies Retreat

Two weeks ago I took off for Smith Lake to spend the weekend with some ladies from church. What a great time we had. We had retreats for several years at Central and then quit. Why did we quit?, I must say, my.......dear sweet Cathy lost her life, in a car wreck, the Monday before we were to have our retreat on the weekend. Of course, we did not go and we just didn't have the heart to go the next year and so a pattern started. Last year, it hit me how mad Cathy would be about us quitting the retreats. I asked for help to get us started back and we have now had two retreats. Cathy is always mentioned. This year as we were singing, led by Anita Morris and Ruth Burleson, I pictured Cathy singing along with us. She always said when she got to heaven she would request a beautiful singing voice!

I truly believe that these retreats are so beneficial. I always go home uplifted and feel so much closer to all the ladies. We have a bible lesson, sing, eat a lot, make a craft but mostly we have fellowship..........which means we stay up all night ...laughing!!!

Already thinking about our 2013 retreat!

We did not have a car mechanics lesson on our agenda for this weekend but.....we got one. Teresa's Yukon decided not to crank
Oh, this group can handle that. No, really.....back in my younger and very broke days of marriage.....when I couldn't just go get a new battery the same day I found out that I needed one.....I learned how to jump start a battery and did it often!
I wasn't even asked for help.....seems everyone there knew how to jump start a battery. Hmmmm
Okay.......who knew how complicated and tool needing it was to get to the battery of a newer car!

Never underestimate the power of a group of women.......we just found an older car and....TaDa we got "er" cranked!


The Deavours Family said...

It was a WONDERFUL time! Already looking forward to next year as well. Thank you for all that you do to get it together! Love you!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Glad y'all had a fab time! I get tickled at the pick of Teresa under the hood...a true southern lady, fixing a battery with one hand while holding her can of diet coke with the other. :)