Sunday, March 18, 2012

Four Weeks Old

Lily is growing like a weed. I can't believe how time is passing so quickly. She is a good baby but she does like to eat regularly! Lily had a hard "little girl day" the last day I was there. You know the kind....where everything is going wrong. I gave her a bath and there was a ring of her beautiful silky black hair left in the sink.......that's enough to upset any little girl, but then........she had her first case of "baby acne".....again, upsetting......and then as I dried her hair we realized that she was getting a little cradle cap on her head....oh my, could it get any worse......yes, it could......her ugly old purple umbilical cord just refuses to drop off!!! I told her that it was a good thing that she was so pretty! Oh, and also, from the look of that nail on her big toe I believe she may need a pedi, soon!

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kimberly t. bowling said...

oh, i love baby feet too...makes me want to kiss the computer screen when i see them!