Saturday, March 17, 2012

SANTA...please help

Way back in December

How it all began.......Courtney always has Santa...aka Walmart.......send packages to my house. She started this years ago when she was working out of state. The packages come to me and I put them in the guest room. She would come to Berry for a weekend and we would have a fun night cooking and wrapping her gifts.

So, Christmas 2011, Courtney is still having her gifts sent to my house. This has always worked wonderfully until............

Courtney had told me that I should expect "Santa" to bring a 16'' little kids bike to my house and to be sure and look for it since the "Law Man" might be visiting at our house! Well, the night I had book club I got home late, the great room lights were out, John was in bed asleep so he didn't tell me that a package had been delivered. The next morning when I went into the great room there was a delivery all right......the box said it was a 40" flat screen TV.....Hmmmm, I thought.....Court did not tell me that she had ordered a TV. I really didn't think much about it.....I wondered who it was for.......couldn't figure out where they would put it (they already have a big screen) or why she would have it sent it must be a present....but who are they giving this really nice present???

So, I forgot to call or text her to ask about the TV. Court sent me an e-mail asking me a question and I replied back ( it had been about 48 hours since the TV had been delivered) and included one little sentence....."you didn't tell me that you had ordered a big screen TV"!

Five minutes later my phone was Courtney.....what are you talking about....I didn't order a TV....the only big thing I ordered was a little boys 16" bicycle. We talked on and it hit me........I bet the bicycle box is inside the TV box. Sooooo, we hung up and I proceeded to open the TV box....well, it wasn't a bicycle, it was indeed a flat screen TV. I called Court back and told her the news. She was upset because she was worried that "Santa" might not get the bicycle delivered by Christmas. I told her I would just go buy one for "Santa" until we got it straightened out...but...... she called "Santa" and he said that he would send the bicycle via Wal Mart, immediately, and send the info to return the TV to "Santa". Great...we have everything worked out. The bicycle arrived in Berry a few days later!

Bet you thought that was the end of the story.......oh, no....not at the Lawson house....things just don't happen without a story behind it!

Well, Wal Mart via instructions from "Santa" sent Court an e-mail, with the shipping label, to return the TV. Courtney forwarded me the shipping label and I printed it off. By this time John and I had moved this big box all over our house trying to keep it out of our way. I told John that we would have to tape the box back up for the pick up and he replied that he bet UPS would tape it back up for shipping. So, I got the shipping label to see if it had a number so I could call UPS and check. It was then that I noticed that the shipping label was for the USPS. Hmmmm....not sure I had ever heard of sending a TV through the USPS. So, I asked my friend, Sue, and she said, yes indeed, they did ship TVs and just about everything else.....but there was a size and weight limit. So, I assumed that Wal Mart knew what they were doing ( let me say right here...I love Wal Mart and spend a lot of money there) and that we were to send it through the USPS. I got John to help me tape the box up and load it into the Yukon since I could not carry the box by myself. The next morning I gladly drove to the PO to mail off the TV. I had to pull to the back and get help unloading it. I noticed that Sue looked doubtful....without weighing the package, she measured was TOO BIG! can this be....this shipping label says to mail it at the PO. THEN.....Sue started looking closely at the shipping label and she noticed......the label was to ship back a 16" BICYCLE. You have got to be kidding! How can things get so mixed up!!! Sue and I loaded the TV back into the Yukon. I took the TV back home..... where it found a place in our downstairs hallway and happily spent Christmas with us.

Courtney called many times and asked Wal Mart to straighten this out. People have kidded her that she had a free TV and she always replies that she wants only what she pays for but her work schedule does not allow for her to spend this much time on the phone trying to get this straight. The one thing that did happen.......she received an e-mail saying that if she did not return the 2nd bicycle that she was going to be charged for it!!!! Well, she was charged for it....... in January. So, she has paid twice for the one bicycle that she has!

Back around the end of January.......Courtney asked us to bring the TV to her house because she didn't think that we should be having to deal with the problem. Well, we did and we put it in her basement. Courtney continued to call to tell them that the TV was now at her house, trying to get the problem worked out and get the charge off her card.

Don't forget......she also had a baby during this time!

Guess what.........February 29th....UPS came after the TV!
The problem......they came to Berry!

Courtney called that day and spent several hours on the phone with Wal Mart. She was trying to get to the right person who would understand the problem and tell them, again, that she now has the TV at her house (the 3rd time she has told them this)!

2 days later.....UPS put another "attempted to pick up" notice on my door!!!

Courtney has now turned this over to her husband, Dave. Dave is really good with people and we assumed that now... something would happen.....we really did!!! of today......the TV is still in their basement!

SANTA.....we need you to help or just tell us to keep the TV for the price of a 16" bicycle!!!!

*******Here's a funny about all of this......."Santa" decided that Lawson needed to wait until his birthday to get a bicycle....warm weather and bicycle is still in it's box at MeMe and Pop's house!!!!*******

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