Friday, March 16, 2012

Lily's 1st trip to the Zoo

Courtney was wanting to get out of the house and she wanted to do something with Lawson. The doctor had warned us about the flu and stomach virus going around and to be careful where we took Lily. Well, we decided that with all the wide open spaces and fresh air that the Zoo would be great. Miss Lily pie was all swaddled up and as happy as a pea in a pod and Lawson was happy to have his Mother with him at the Zoo, It was a great weather day....the kind that makes you look forward to spring without thinking about our scorching summers!
I just had to stop and make a picture of this tree. I love trees. I am not sure why I had not noticed it before...maybe because it had leaves.
Lawson was following the guineas into the cane and we finally had to make him come back before he ended up somewhere he didn't belong.
Oh, and we discovered that morning that all Lawson's shorts were way short. Courtney finally found him some a few days later. He needed them longer only not bigger around!!
This lizard was so interested in Lawson. It looked like a Geico commercial
Everybody was enjoying the pretty day!

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